Monday, January 16, 2012

[video] Real World Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Exes - Launch Special: The Pregame

"Hot off the heels of the success of “Rivals,” MTV takes the concept to the next level pairing up exes in “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes.” Reuniting in the Dominican Republic, 13 pairs of former lovers will have to get beyond their past issues and work together to compete against other teams for $300,000 in cash prizes. The usual struggles of strength and stamina will remain, only this time there will be the added emotional pressure that comes with being paired with your ex. Will old flames reignite or will the demands of working with an ex be too much for some of the couples?" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Challenge favorites Jenn, Mike, Laurel, and Tyler break down the new challenge -- "Battle of the Exes," handicap the players, predict the drama, and reveal all new footage. Hosted by Kenny Santucci.

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