Thursday, January 12, 2012

[video] Robot Chicken - Jumpin Giggawatts Music Video

"Robot Chicken has done it again! Season 5 has 20 brand new episodes that are sure to end world hunger, stop disease, and bring all mankind together as one! Okay, so maybe that won't happen. But this season will definitely include puking, farting, screaming, farting, silly songs, farting, farting and more farting! All this and more from some of your favorite characters. This is one season you do not want to miss!" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Hip-Hop History goes Back to the Future with
Jumpin' Gigawatts, the first new song from singing duo Jay-Z
and Christopher Lloyd in 15 years! Giga-what? Giga-who?
Giga-watts up with the track that's #1 in north-eastern New
Zealand. [The preceding song description should not be taken to
infer that Jay-Z sang this song, knows this song exists, has
ever recorded a song with Christopher Lloyd, has ever met
Christopher Lloyd, would ever want to meet Christopher

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