Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[video] 10 Things You Don't Know About - Benjamin Franklin

"From great figures come our most noteworthy inventions, from the telephone to the theory of general relativity. But no great leader is perfect. H2 digs into the scandals and family secrets you won't find in textbooks in the special 10 Things You Don’t Know. Observing the lives of renowned leaders, brilliant scientists and notorious criminals, viewers get an inside peek into their unknown pasts, from Ben Franklin’s nefarious history to Albert Einstein’s hidden family drama." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Benjamin Franklin was a multi-talented American founding father--but he also owned slaves, frequented sex clubs and was a suspected serial killer. In this episode of our new series, maverick historian David Eisenbach uncovers little-known details of Franklin's past, shedding new light on Franklin's eccentric behaviors and how they enabled him to help save the American Revolution.

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Chris Schram said...

iTunes is telling me this item is not available in the US store.

Unknown said...

I got the same message as Chris!

What's up?

Chris Schram said...

Fortunately, if you get the History Channel, that show is being repeated Thursday evening.