Thursday, April 26, 2012

[video] The L.A. Complex - Down in LA

"The L.A. Complex focuses on a select group of aspiring performers pursuing celluloid and stardom in LA. Moving into an apartment-style motel for displaced dreamers, each dubbed “most likely to succeed”, they all face the challenges and opportunities of a lifetime. For every bona fide starlet, there are countless cocktail waitresses. For every true rock star, there are hundreds of buskers on the pier. For every comedian with a hit sitcom, there are dozens of guys cracking jokes while pouring your coffee. In LA your life can change in the blink of an eye. On Monday, you might score some face-time with the big-shot producer. On Tuesday, you might drink the night away, just to cope with the loneliness. On Wednesday, you might sign that multi-million dollar contract. On Thursday, you might try to sleep your way to the top, only to end up in the gutter. But one thing is for sure - on Friday, the rent is due. The six-episode first season of The L.A. Complex is executive produced by Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn of Epitome Pictures (Degrassi, Instant Star), showrun and executive produced by Martin Gero (Bored to Death)." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Broke and desperate, an evicted Abby finds a place to crash at “The Lux” motel in L.A. Here, she meets a group of like-minded displaced dreamers: Raquel, a former teen star who needs another chance, Alicia, a tenacious dancer who gets so close in every audition, Tariq, an intern/gopher trying to get noticed in the competitive hip-hop world, Nick, a struggling comedian who has no luck with women and Connor, the strikingly handsome Australian actor who’s on his way out since he just landed a series. Are the fates telling Abby it’s time to go back to Toronto and give up her dreams or will tomorrow be her day? One never knows in the City of Angels…

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