Thursday, April 19, 2012

[video] Last Chance Driving School - Tires and Tantrums

"Learning how to drive is scary enough, but for those unfortunate few who have failed their driving test hundreds of times, learning to drive can seem downright impossible. Welcome to Last Chance Driving School, the final resort for those despondent individuals who have given up hope on ever getting their driver’s license – and are on the verge of resigning to a life without one. Each episode will chronicle two or three students' journeys as they pass through this last port of call and prepare to take their driving test, again. Filled with comedy, conflict and jeopardy, each episode of Last Chance Driving School culminates in the ultimate assessment of all: the driving test itself." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Sven tries to keep fashionista Irene off her cell phone and off the sidewalk and gets hot under the collar with sexy legal eagle Teresa. Meanwhile wannabe rocker Johnny scares Pete to death when he nearly takes out a cab on the highway and housewife Jillian comes down with a serious case of road rage whilst on parking practice with Sven.

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