Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[music] King Tuff - Bad Thing

"At its core, King Tuff is the brainchild of Kyle Thomas, who’s also in Witch (a band that boasts J Mascis on drums). KT’s second full-length, a self-titled affair, is a blast of big, full, meant-to-be-turned-all-the-way-up classic rock. It mixes T. Rex's frayed swagger, tender Lou Reed–esque melodies, and a riotous Ramones-like spirit. A fuzzy guitar riff gets “Bad Thing” bubbling before enthusiastic drums catapult things forward. Thomas’ savvy songwriting shines brightly; you can practically see concertgoers raising their hands to emphatically clap along during the final, bridge-like verse, which includes the line “When I play my Stratocaster I feel like an innocent kid/but when I‘m looking in the mirror—remember the bad things I did.”" -- iTunes Store

Genre: Alternative

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