Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[video] 7 Days of Sex - James / Tipps

"Leaving the toilet seat up, putting out the trash, rearing the kids, overspending, paying the mortgage... let's face it, sex has taken a backseat in too many marriages today. With honesty, edge and compassion, the new Lifetime real-life series 7 Days of Sex challenges couples to turn their fizzle back into sizzle by making time for daily intimacy. Each week, producers will follow a couple at a desperate crossroads, who have agreed to take this test before giving up on their marriage altogether. They just might find that after seven days of sex – and a few assignments outside of the bedroom – the answers to the problems plaguing their marriage might have been lying right there between them, under the covers, all along." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Two couples attempt to improve their relationships with a diet of daily sex for one week. Chantal and Derek James are a middle-class couple struggling to keep romance alive while dealing with their three young children. Meanwhile, the Tipps need to spice up their love-lives, as husband Galen is too uptight and his wife Marilyn wants to loosen him up.

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