Saturday, May 12, 2012

[video] Around the World in 80 Plates - London Calling

"Around the World in 80 Plates takes culinary competition to the next level as 12 chefs travel across the globe testing their skills and determination. In each episode, the contestants will travel to a different international city where they will learn the local customs, cultures, and cuisines as they participate in a gauntlet of culinary challenges. Ultimately, they will face-off in a kitchen takeover where they will not only recreate, but reinvent the menus for world-renowned restaurants and their demanding owners." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Twelve Chefs begin the journey of a lifetime in London, England. On The Course, the chefs are immersed in the local food culture as they race in a pub crawl to win the Exceptional Ingredient. The tension rises quickly for one team as they unsuccessfully try and navigate the confusing streets of London. For The Takeover, the teams are sent to Gastropubs where they serve up authentic dishes to the British diners. Celebrity Chef, Nigella Lawson, joins the locals in choosing a favorite restaurant. Nigella Lawson serves as local food expert.

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