Thursday, May 24, 2012

[video] Bunk - Season 1 Trailer

"Bunk is a new breed of "comedy game show" in which a trio of comedians compete in a series of bizarre challenges to win surreal prizes, ones that could only be granted if the show's host, the always barefooted Kurt Braunohler, had the power to rewrite history and the laws of time and space. Each week, contestants are armed with nothing more than their wits and fertile imaginations as they complete drawing and sculpture challenges, create movie pitches, translate diner jargon and interact with an ever-changing coterie of modern dancers, puppies, jockeys, babies, gospel singers and more, all under the watchful eye of host Braunohler. It's the increasingly offbeat games and challenges that comprise the heart of Bunk and are the catalyst for the on-the-spot comedy created by some of the most-talented names in the business." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
A sneak peek at Bunk, the new IFC comedy game show where comedians come to play. Host Kurt Braunohler introduces you to hilarious contestants like Bobby Moynihan, Eugene Mirman and more. With insane categories like Shame that Puppy, Whose Crotch is Hotter, and Lie to a Child, these comedians play for non-charitable causes such as being reunited with their birth parents and learning to clog.

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