Sunday, May 27, 2012

[video] Men At Work - Pilot

"Men At Work centers around the misadventures of four friends who work together at a magazine. Danny Masterson plays the recently dumped Milo, whose friends are determined to help him get back in the game. James Lesure is Gibbs, a photographer and successful ladies man. Michael Cassidy plays Tyler, a features writer who brings a dose of style and sophistication to the group. Adam Busch is Neal, a somewhat nebbish reporter and the only one in the group with a steady girlfriend." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
When Milo (Danny Masterson) is dumped by his girlfriend, his friends rally to get him back on his feet right away. But as Neal (Adam Busch) nervously tries to accommodate his girlfriend’s sexy demands and Tyler (Michael Cassidy) struggles to land an interview with a difficult movie star, sex with a Swedish housekeeper causes trouble for Gibbs (James Lesure).

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