Thursday, May 31, 2012

[video] Monster In-Laws - Grandma's Dying Wish

"“In-Laws”- perhaps the two most feared words in the English language. A&E’s original, real-life series, which follows couples at the boiling point with their nightmare in-laws, returns for an all new season of candid, over the top antics. Every episode features a different family in dire straits, where one spouse is caught between relatives and the person they married. Using tough love and unconventional tactics, seasoned relationship experts bring everyone under one roof and force them to uncover the deeper issues that lay beneath the constant fighting. Relationship expert and former criminal lawyer Mel Robbins returns this season along with life-coach and advice columnist Laura Baron. They’re sent in to mediate between family members but often, they find themselves in the worst of the crossfire. Don’t miss it when the Bowjanowskis return and the mediation ends in a trip to the emergency room." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Linda is known for her brutal honesty, and though nobody is safe from her wrath--including her own granddaughters--no one is a more frequent target than daughter-in-law Michelle. Husband Jim's grandmother is ill and wants to see the family reconcile before it's too late. It's up to Laura Baron to help the family fulfill grandma's dying wish.

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