Thursday, May 31, 2012

[video] Push Girls - Everyone Stares

"This season on Push Girls, Angela tries to relaunch her modeling career while also facing separation from her husband. Auti wants to have a baby, but can she manage both family and career? Plus, her fiery personality sparks drama on her dance team. A former swimmer, Mia gets back in the pool after 17 years and dives into the singles scene. While Tiphany is caught between dating men or women, a return to the site of her crash brings up difficult emotions. Also meet the newest Push Girl, Chelsie." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Meet four friends who don't let their wheelchairs define them. Angela tries to restart her modeling career. Tiphany and Mia both rethink their romantic relationships. Fiercely independent dancer, Auti, wonders if she's ready to have a baby.

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