Thursday, May 10, 2012

[video] Tanisha Gets Married - Countdown to a Wedding Throwdown

"“Tanisha Gets Married” is the outrageous new docu-series that follows former “Bad Girls Club” alum and recent host of Oxygen’s “Love Games,” Tanisha Thomas, as she prepares for her magical walk down the aisle. Tanisha is known for going big and her wedding will be no exception — from the hippest location to the blingiest dress to the most over-the-top guest list she is determined to throw a wedding that’s fit for a Bad Girl. With the stress of planning a wedding, a rollercoaster romance with her fiancé Clive, and a family that fears she’s gone “Hollywood” will Tanisha hold it all together and make it down the aisle?" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Tanisha and Clive are tying the knot, but first come interviews with wedding planners, venue scouting, and the tough choice of which Bad Girls to include in the bridal party.

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