Saturday, May 12, 2012

[video] United Stats of America - Stayin' Alive

"It’s crunch time for HISTORY. Raw stats on everything from the calories we eat to the energy we use, from the number of texts we send to the amount of crime in our neighborhoods, tell amazing stories about who we are and how we live. Travel the country to meet people, like us, whose stories bring these numbers to life. The new series United Stats of America employs visually stunning interactive graphics to crunch fascinating data and reveal the history behind the numbers." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Would you believe that deer are deadlier than snakes? It's true. Turns out deer are the deadliest animal in America. In this episode we look at what kills us and why and we're on the hunt for our number one killer. What is most likely to kill us? The answer is so surprising it just might kill you.

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