Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[video] American Gypsies - Rivals At War

"Meet the Johns family: a burly middle-aged business man with big dreams, a psychic grandmother, an ailing father and family patriarch, a hot-headed younger brother, a daughter with an eye on a scandalous acting career, a nephew who is dating a rival family’s daughter and a son who hardly seems ready to take on the family business.
In each episode, witness a family trying to modernize and adapt to American ways, while still clinging to their Gypsy heritage. Get a first-hand look inside secret elder assemblies, arranged marriages between teenagers, the unique Gypsy court system where disputes are settled, dead crows left on doorsteps and ominous tarot card readings.
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Episode Summary
In the season premiere of "American Gypsies" we meet the Johns. A prominent Romani, or Gypsy, family

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