Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[video] WakeBrothers - Pilot

"Sibling rivalry can be a bitch. And in the case of Phillip and Bob Soven, well…it’s sibling rivalry on steroids. 22 year-old Phillip Soven is at the top of his game, and is the number one pro-wake boarder in the world. Being number one has its perks: lots of cash from endorsements, hot chicks and celebrity status. But now Phillip’s title and place in the universe is being threatened…by Bob, his little brother. While Phil is a focused, stoic, stone-cold wake boarder, and one-man wolf-pack, Bob is the complete opposite of his brother: goofy, outgoing, and loved by the entire wake boarding community. At 20 years old, Bob is ready to step into the spotlight and finally prove he has what it takes to be number one… or at the very least number one in the hearts of the fans! Phillip and Bob are roommates, competitors, and rivals; but that’s about all they have in common. This season of WakeBrothers will answer all the hard-hitting questions: Can Bob finally overtake his brother on the water? Will Bob ever get a girlfriend? And can the boys actually co-exist under the same roof without killing each other?!" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In the pilot episode of WakeBrothers, the world is introduced to Phil and Bob Soven, professional

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