Monday, February 4, 2013

[video] Cult - Comic-Con 2012: Cult Panel

"There is television … and there is the world we live in. In the shadows where they meet, there is CULT. In this visceral thriller, a bright, driven reporter teams up with an inquisitive television researcher to investigate a series of disturbing disappearances tied to a wildly popular new TV show called Cult. With everyone a suspect and no one to trust but each other, the two follow an obscure trail of tantalizing clues deeper into the cult of Cult in an effort to find the reporter’s missing brother, a rabid fan of the show who unlocked the secret at the heart of the series … and seemingly paid the price. Moving from the real world into the world of the labyrinthine series and its two characters — an LAPD detective and the charismatic cult leader Billy Grimm — events inside the show begin to bleed into the outside world and vice versa as the young couple’s certainty of what’s real and what’s illusion crumbles into dust." -- iTunes Store

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