Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[video] Sanjay and Craig - The Rad Awesomeness of Sanjay and Craig

"This is the story of two inseparable best friends. Oh, yeah – one’s a talking snake. And Craig has a lot to say. He’s always egging on and encouraging his enthusiastic and overeager buddy, Sanjay, on epic misadventures through their suburban neighborhood. Whether they’re going undercover to defend their videogame dominance at the Frycade or posing as doctors to conduct the world’s first butt transplant, they know that when they’re together, nothing can stand in their way. Except for their obsessive, snake-phobic neighbor, Noodman. Watch as Sanjay and Craig dare to babysit bad-news baby, Richard Dickson! See what happens when Sanjay loses his bathing suit at the lake! Witness the hilarity when Sanjay and Craig find an old, abandoned robot! Get ready for 20 stories where routine hijinks cross right over into the land of the hysterically absurd with Sanjay and Craig!" -- iTunes Store

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Itunesgirl said...

Sanjay and Craig is such a good show. My son watches it all the time. The Rad Awesomeness of Sanjay and Craig was a really good episode. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.