Monday, June 3, 2013

[video] Top Shot - Best of the Best

"The past four seasons' top competitors risk it all in the ultimate Top Shot: All-Stars showdown. Each marksman slugs it out during three rounds including a brand new “Proving Ground” where shooters fight for their survival choosing arms from an awe-inspiring arsenal. After 12 episodes, one shooter will remain to claim the title and the special all-star prize package. Shoot well and stay in the game; miss the mark, and go home. HISTORY® reveals more weapons, more competition, more trick shots and bigger prizes than ever before." -- iTunes Store

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Video Summary
Many have fallen short of the title; now sixteen All-Stars compete to become the next Top Shot. In the first challenge, marksmen climb ropes to fire the SVT 40, shimmy up a pole to shoot the Larue Tactical OBR and balance on an unstable platform with the FAL ISS. Two face elimination, where the fierce M32 Grenade Launcher threatens to knock a player out of the running. Colby Donaldson returns as host.

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