Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[video] Noddy in Toyland - Noddy and the Magic Paintbrush / Giant Jelly

"Based on the classic children’s books by Enid Blyton, Noddy in Toyland brings a refreshed look to this beloved heritage brand while maintaining its timeless charm." -- iTunes Store

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Video Summary
When Noddy accidentally scratches Car, he borrows a magic paintbrush from Big Ears. But the brush is unreliable and paints crazy colours round Toytown. Fortunately, Noddy and Bumpy’s recent game of fetch gives Noddy the idea of getting Bumpy to catch the paintbrush and the town paints itself back to normal. / When Mr Wobbly Man wobbles onto the trampoline Noddy was taking to the Little Skittle birthday party, he needs to think of a new game for them. When he finally manages to get their giant birthday jelly to the party, the empty tray the jelly was sitting on gives him an idea for a game and the Skittles use the giant jelly’s giant tray as a slide.

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