Monday, March 10, 2014

[video] Rectify - Always There

"From the producers of Breaking Bad. After 19 years on death row, Daniel Holden is a free man. Daniel’s release, however, has reignited the anger of a small town still outraged by the brutal murder of one of their own. As his family adjusts to his presence and what it means for their relationships and livelihoods, the town and original defense team want to see him back in prison. Senator Roland Foulkes - the man who originally prosecuted Daniel - plots to reopen the case. Against the backdrop of suspicion, Daniel struggles to adapt to life outside of prison. Much has changed during his years of isolation, including himself. Can he find his place in this strange new life, or will his unexpected return spark a world of trouble? Daniel Holden may be free, but the battle for his life is far from over." -- iTunes Store

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Video Summary
After 19 years on Death Row, Daniel Holden is released due to new DNA evidence. He returns with his family to his childhood home, struggling to adjust to life on the outside. Meanwhile, the Senator who prosecuted him plots to reopen the case.

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