Saturday, March 4, 2006

Your Own Free Single

Update: This freebie longer works!

We post up the free singles available every week at the iTunes Music Store, but we know that often they're not by the artists that you love. Fortunately for you, if you fill out this Papermate survey and you will get a code emailed to you which is redeemable for a free song! (US Store only, and you have to check the Yes, I'd like to receive communications... box)

Remember to check back weekly to see what free iTunes Downloads are being offered (it's easier than firing up iTunes). Add us to your RSS Reader for even easier access.


Luke W. said...

Take the link off this site. It is no longer valid.

Anonymous said...

More than that, I went through the survey four times and got four songs. Apple must have noticed, though, and took away the credit before I could buy anything. I guess that'll show me :(

supastar k3v said...

Yeah that happened to me a couple times too, maybe they ran out of codes or something? Free is pretty popular ;)