Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[music] Love Star - Felicidad

"Love Star’s Betty Boop-like frontwoman Adriana Fernandez sings like a Spanish-speaking Tony Basil, channeling much of her early ’80s joie de vivre. The rest of the trio — Will Alves on guitar and Joe Torres on bass — work together to create a kind of retro alternative pop that refuses to be blue. Felicidad is about as pretty as tunes get with its peppy backbeat and perky chorus. But it’s the somber New Wave chord changes lurking in the background that suggests a deeper dimension." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Pop Latino

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Anonymous said...

Love the song of the week. Very impressed. Thanks for bringing us these great new artists every week. The lyrics are genius. We need more happiness and songs like this on the radio today. Cute band! Luck to them. I have a feeling they will go far. Look and sound very commercial.

Jason said...

Been discovering cool new bands thanks to iTunes download of week. Happy to see a familiar band this wk. I took a pic with LOVE STAR here in NY a few weeks ago when they came for their tour. Love their music, the show they put on & more than anything that they're really down to earth. Congrats Love Star! I don't speak spanish but good music is good music.

Anonymous said...

Great song, great sound, great look, and great lyrics! Love Star is definitely the complete package and i wont be surprised to be seeing a lot more of them very soon.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!! WHAT A GREAT SONG! Thanks for the download. Love the lyrics and music

Anonymous said...

Great song!!!!!