Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[video] Tree Fu Tom - The Lost Stone

"A magical 3D CGI adventure series for 3-5 year olds, Tree Fu Tom follows the adventures of Tom, his best friend Twigs (voiced by David Tennant) and a cast of playmates in the miniature fantasy world, Treetopolis.

When adventure turns to crisis, Tom turns to the audience for their help. Speaking directly to the audience, Tom asks them to follow him in a series of Tree Fu Moves, designed by physio- and occupational therapists to aid the development of movement skills, strength and balance, as well as helping to deal with dyspraxia, a movement impairment condition affecting one in ten children.

Together, the audience and Tom create 'Big World Magic' - Tom's superhero power - to resolve the crisis and save the day. Tree Fu Go!
" -- iTunes Store

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Video Summary
Tom creates catastrophe when he loses the magic sapstone from his belt. A calm, quiet pond creature becomes a titanic cause of trouble for Tom and friends when it accidentally absorbs Tom’s sapstone. How will Tom cope without his magic powers? He’ll still need lots of Big World Magic help but can he find a way to save the day and undo his unfortunate accident?

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